Unique Art Forms,
Exquisite Colors and Textures

Dog Bowls


for pets too!



Deep Artistic Details


The Shaman

High among rough sandstone outcroppings, azure blue skies and the desert chaparral of Northern New Mexico, from which place he derives much of his inspiration and passion to work in clay, you will find the studio, L’Atelier de Grès, of Marc Hudson, also known as Playing with Fire – Fine Clay Art and Design, a haven of calm serenity and bold, innovative ceramic design. Self-taught in clay since 1970 and following in the footsteps of clay artists and artisans, whose craft dates back more than 20,000 years, the time of the last glacial maximum, Marc Hudson has developed a repertoire of finely rafted extruded and hand thrown decorative pieces. “I hope my creations stir you enough that you will want to look at them often and contemplate their shapes, textures, and colors. Perhaps you will connect a memory with them, offer them as a gift or keep them for yourself, but think of them as a cornerstone for a feeling, a recollection or an event and let them move you!” Please feel free to visit our Gallery I and Gallery II. There you can purchase any item listed by e-mailing Marc at info@ceramicartbymarchudson.com or go to buy it now.