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Unique Ceramic Art Work by Marc Hudson
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By Marc Hudson
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Vase WG008

W-12″ X H-21″ $899

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Tea P7080034

W-14″ x W-14″ x D 3″ $195

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Mini P7080018

W-6″ x H-7″ $125

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R 709121

Rosetta One 24″ Diameter $499

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Vase P780042

W-12″ x H-18″ $395

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Vase P7080024

W-14″ x W-14″ x D-3″ $175

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W-13″ x H-11″ x D-25″ $295

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VS 710659

Vanity Set includes a Cup and Soap Dish $79

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Wings WB986

W- 8″ x H-12″ x D-2″

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Vase P7080020

W8″ x H 12″ $195

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Tea P7080036

W-14″ x H13″ x D-3″ $175

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Mini P7080016

W-4″ x H-10″ $95

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VS 710655

Vanity Set Two includes a Cup and Soap Holder $79

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Faerie House WB443

W-12″ x H-12″ x D-12″

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Guard P7080026

W-14″ x H-12″ $249

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Plate P7080044

W-14″ x H-12″ $195

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Mini P7080015

W-6″ x H-5″ $75

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R 709468

Après Guillaume
Rosseta Two 24″ Dia $499

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Vase P7080038

W-11″ x H-16″ $279

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Wings P7080022

W-12″ x H-14″ x D-4″ $245

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Mini P7080013

W-5″ x H-2″ $30

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Armor P70080040

W-13″ x H-17″ x D-6″

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